Friday, March 10, 2017


So I'm sure this is a universal thing, but where I live, I feel that you need to be super understanding with your weather people. Is it supposed to snow, is it not, two inches, two feet, it's all up in the air. Allow me to make it clear that I love snow, so whenever it's in the forecast I get a little giddy. It might be the opportunity to work from home cozied up with coffee, but who knows.

Well it started to snow this morning, not enough to stick to roads, but enough to make it look pretty, and watch it fall outside my office window. It's starting to get sunny out now so hopefully that will melt the snow off my car by the time I leave so I don't have to clean it.

Enough with my love of the Winter Wonderland and onto my fun weekend plans! A pizza and catch up on shows night with a friend, some OTF classes, and a whole lot of family time. Longing for the weekends of Netflix binges in my bed, but time to get out and about I guess. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

XO! Stephanie

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