Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here We Go

So I've decided that I am going to try and write something every weekday for the next few weeks as a part of Lent (aka, the Catholics time for New Years Resolutions). It will hold me accountable, as well as give me a place to journal and reflect. I promise that it will be super random because well that's basically my writing style.

To start, I just want to say how lucky and blessed I feel. 2016 was a rough year for me, which is something I may get into at another time, and I'm happy that 2017 has started off on a better note; I swear it's because it's a prime number. The last year with a prime number was 2011, and looking back that was a good, fulfilling year of change, so the hopes are high.

I hope to talk about, my life, fitness, finances, shopping, and all kinds of other things on here so get ready and here we go!

XO! Stephanie