Monday, March 28, 2016

Over the Weekend 3/28/2016

Well another Easter has come and gone. I wonder how long it will be until I don't hunt eggs with my cousins? Let's hope never, I'm the oldest at twenty-seven and the youngest is four, so maybe another twenty three or so years...

Let's start with Friday, I worked all day and ended the night with a relaxing night at home, which was very much needed. I slept pretty well but still woke up early on Saturday morning. I did some cleaning around the apartment and took a nap (I may or may not have avoided my family to do this, oops!). I was supposed to get my nails done in the morning with my Mom and younger sister but I didn't want to drive there and back to the apartment after and then back out there for dinner so I opted to go on my own before dinner.

We had our quarterly cousin dinner on Saturday night and went to my favorite restaurant Pietro's Prime! It was nice to get dressed up and have a delicious dinner out. I wore a simple black maxi dress with a pink patterned cardigan. Lots of laughs and delicious food was had by all.

I spent the night at my Mom's on Saturday and we had Easter brunch on Sunday morning, so yummy, and so were the mimosas I had. From there it was out to my Dad's parents house to celebrate and of course, hunt eggs. I found a decoy golden egg with a penny in it, By the time I finally got back to the apartment I was exhausted and crashed to wake up to a rainy Monday, lucky me.

I hope it won't be too rough of a week, but I finally have a weekend coming up with no plans! I cannot wait. Did you do anything fun for Easter?

XO! Stephanie

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