Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is it Dewey time yet?

The only thing I want right now is to be in Dewey, that's it. I cannot wait for Summer this year, because last years was a little, well tragic for me. I had an awesome MDW and went to see Jason Aldean with my best friend and then Tuesday I go to the doctors and was diagnosed with mono, super...

Needless to say, Summer 2015 wasn't my best. It was spent sleeping 18 hours a day, having soup, and without orange crushes. I made it down a few times in August but I still wasn't 100%. I even slept a whole day away during family week, oops.

Back to the present though! I cannot wait to get an Orange Crush at the Starboard, I've been dreaming of them so refreshing. And then brunches and days spent on the deck and Jam sesh. I'm day dreaming at my desk. We are lucky enough to have a family house in Dewey Beach, Delaware. I didn't always love it because I wasn't always a beach kid (I didn't like being sandy and getting stung by jellyfish), but I am now. Our family house has so many memories for me and I cannot wait to make some more. We have a big family so there's always something to do, someone to hang out with, or someone in the kitchen cooking!

Here's to you Summer 2016, 58 days and counting! 

Have you ever been to Dewey Beach? What's your favorite thing about it?

XO, Stephanie

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